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..Baltimore Calvert Street Bridge
Baltimore's Calvert Street Bridge - Baltimore News American Photo ....
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Baltimore City has plenty of old bridges, many of which are still standing and still being used for  traffic.  Below,  the Mt Vernon Water Pumping station sits at the foot of the 29th Street bridge ( built in 1937 ) , a thruway that connects East and West Baltimore across the Jones Falls Valley.   Photo #2, to the right, shows that same scene in 2006. The Jones Falls Expressway, built in the 1960's, has really changed the view. While the 29th Street bridge is still clearly visible, you can hardly see the Mt Vernon Water pumping station , which peeks out from under the Expressway.


                Street Bridge Baltimore
                Street Bridge Baltimore
The 29th Street Bridge, crossing over the Jones Falls Valley. Just to the South of it is the newer 28th Street Bridge.

   Another bridge to cross the Jones Falls was the St. Paul  Street Bridge. This view , below , is looking south on St. Paul Street from Mount Royal Avenue, over the Jones Falls . The building directly behind the bridge is the Mt Royal Hotel, on Mount Royal Avenue,  which is still standing . The ornate bridge has long since been replaced and redecked to a much plainer bridge for Calvert Street traffic. Below are two other postcard shots of the old bridge in different contrasts.

St aul Bridge Monument Lady
              Paul Street Bridge lady

..Looking northwest at Baltimore's St. Paul Street Bridge, with the old Union Train Station in the background. Over the years, reconstruction projects have created a less ornate bridge, and the ladies have been moved. The lady to the right currently resides just to the west of the Jones Falls Expressway, on Mt Royal Terrace, and just north of  North Avenue, only a few blocks from where she started from on St. Paul Street.
.St Paul Srteet Bridge

.Baltimore's St Paul Street

.Baltimore's St Paul Street

  One block to the West of the  St Paul Street Bridge  , was the Calvert Street Bridge ( Built  in 1880 )  . The ladies on this bridge are replaced by lions. The bridge has long since been replaced and the lions, or at least a few of them, currently reside in a park in Bolton Hill.
                  Paul Street Lions
..Calvert Street Bridge Baltimore Lions
Baltimore's Calvert Street Bridge, looking southbound towards Mount Royal Avenue.

.US Post
                Offcie Parcel Post Building Baltimore Maryland St Paul
                Street Jones Falls Valley

.Calvert Street Lion Bridge Baltimore Maryland

  The Cedar Avenue Bridge leading east out of Druid Hill Park. The Jones Falls Valley has more or less become the Jones Falls Expressway, and the old Cedar Avenue Bridge was torn  down years ago. Included here are four old postcard views of the old bridge.
                  Avenue Bridge Baltimore


.Cedar Avenue Brodge Baltimore Maryland

.Edmondson Avenue Bridge Baltimore Maryland

Edmondson Avenue Bridge, crossing the Gwynns Falls in West Baltimore

A gloomy 1913 view of the Fallsway Viaduct. It appears to have been replaced by the bottom end by the Jones Falls Expressway. Check out the Kilduffs page on Monuments for more on the Fallsway Monument. When the Fallsway was built, it replaced the need for 12 older bridges, and spanned from Mount Royal Avenue to Baltimore Street , covering up the Jones Falls , which had become a open sewer and very prone to flooding.

.Fallsway Bridge Baltimore Maryland

   One of my Favorite Baltimore bridges, the old Hanover Street bridge ( Built in 1916 ) . The bridge looks very much like this old postcard view today.( The water isn't quite as clean though ) Before the Hanover Street Bridge was built,  this channel of the Patapsco River was crossed over by a span known as the " Long Bridge " which was built in 1868  . In it's early days, it was a toll bridge,  described as a " mile of driven piles and timber girders , where families would often go to picnic on,  fish, or watch the rowers from the nearby boat clubs. In later years, the State took over the bridge and passage was free. Sections of " Long Bridge " were visible for years after it was taken down,and the old bridge went from the end of Light Street to Acton's Park in Brooklyn.

Baltimore's Hanover
                        Sreet Bridge
A night shot of Baltimore's Hanover Street Bridge.

Hanover Street Bridge , Baltimore
.Hanover Street Bridge , Baltimore

.Hanover Street Bridge, Baltimore
.Hanover Street Bridge Baltimore
Hanover Street Bridge, Baltimore.......
Below , plans for the Hanover Street Bridge, and to the right, you can see the " Long Bridge "

Over the years, the old Howard Street bridge  ( Built in 1938 ) has carried a lot of traffic into the downtown area. Many of the bridges over the JFX ( Jones Falls Expressway ) have been replaced or repaired so that the old charm has been lost. Not so with the Howard Street Bridge . For years it was painted in some wild colors, and the Mayor of Baltimore even had a contest to pick a new paint scheme a few years back after the bridge completed a major overall.
.Howard Street Bridge, Baltimore
Baltimore's Howard Street Bridge - postcard view.

Orleans Street Viaduct
Built in 1936  
Upon opening - known as the Bath Street Viaduct

Orleans Street Viaduct Baltimore 


.Orleans Street Viaduct
.............Over the years, I have read different accounts of the the opening of the Orleans Street Viaduct. Many thought the idea was a good one, a pass over the Jones Fall Valley and the train yards that had been there. Others complained of the added expense of the project and whether or not it served any purpose.While the train tracks and stations are no longer there, the Orleans Street Viaduct is still used and remains the most popular way to get from East Baltimore to Downtown and West, avoiding much of the traffic congestion.
A post card view of the Orleans Street Viaduct, with the Preston Gardens seen in the foreground.


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.Baltimore Bridge
Curtis Creek Draw Bridge .

Long since gone, the old Belvidere Bridge, which would have been in the area of the Guilford Avenue and Biddle Street Bridges, crossing the Jones Falls. If you drive down Greenmount, just across from GreenMount Cemetery , you will find what is left of Belvidere, just off to the right. Looks much like a driveway or a road to nowhere these days. There was also a Belvedere Avenue Bridge much further North, since torn down and the entire section renamed Northern Parkway.