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      A Kilduff's look at buildings in Baltimore.

    This page is not intended to be a history of Baltimore architecture. It is simply a look at some of the buildings around town, some lost and some still standing. Buildings that are well known and popular are shown, but lesser known buildings and structures are shown as well. The page order is A to Z, and as I get details on the buildings, it will be updated.

As always, comments, corrections, suggestions are welcome !

AAA Building
Mount Royal Avenue and Cathedral Street

Built in 1917 :  Torn down in 1972.
 Started out as a Peerless Auto showroom. Later it housed the offices of the Automobile Club of Maryland offices. We have much more on Mount Royal Avenue and the old car dealerships on the Cars Link.

.AAA Building

American Building
Baltimore and South Street ( Southwest corner )

No longer used by the News American paper , which has long ceased operations, the building is still standing and appears to be in fine condition.

AmericanNews Baltimore

B & O Building

Charles Street and Baltimore Street  
( Northwest Corner )
Still in use - Converted into a hotel.

.B&O Building Baltimore

BBQ Building
Dundalk,  Maryland

                Building Baltimore

BBQ Building
The BAR-B-Q Building is still standing , on Dundalk Avenue, just south of Eastern Avenue. The building has since been converted into a used car dealership, but is currently vacant. The "BAR-B-Q" lettering was removed several years ago.

BG&E Building
Lexington Street @ Liberty Street

Building is still standing and I think it was converted into apartments. There is a lot of development is planned for this area along Lexington Street .
. .................................................
Baltimore Gas And Electric Building - Circa 1920's.............................................................Drawing from BG&E - Late 1920's
Photo  - Courtesy of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Collection at the Baltimore Museum of Industry

Boumi Temple

North Charles Street

     The Boumi Temple on Charles Street at Wyndhurst seemed to be one of those buildings you always saw and figured would be there forever. Situated on a nice parcel of land, away from downtown in a heavy residential area, the building, which spread over acres and had rooms, ballrooms and meeting rooms all over, looked like something out of the Wizard of Oz. The building was razed in the late 1990's as Loyola College built a sports complex on the site.

.................Boumi Temple Baltimore Maryland North Charles
                Street .................

Bromo Tower
The Giant bottle which had been perched on top was removed in 1936, as it had been developing cracks. The building is still in use, minus the giant bottle on top.The tower was built in 1911 and was the tallest building in Baltimore until the 1930's, towering at 357 feet. The bottle that had been on the top of the building was 51 feet tall, 20 1/2 feet in diameter, and weighed 17 tons. It was designed to revolve at 107 feet a minute, and could be seen for 20 miles, using 596 lights within the bottle and around it.

Bromo Tower
              Baltimore .....................
. ........................
  In a 1928 newspaper account about the Bromo Tower, there was a near miss with a small two seater plane. Apparently the engine of the plane died out and the plane was drifting like a glider, missing the Bromo tower, and continuing down where it also missed the Montgomery Wards building on Monroe Street and crash landed in Carroll Park. There were no major injuries as a result....just passing it on.

Candler Building ( Coca Cola Building )
Also seen called the Chandler Building
Still in use
    The Candler Building is one of the survivors in Downtown Baltimore. Also known as the Coca Cola Building for years ( They had their offices here ) , the building was intended to look like the drawing seen below, but for reasons unknown, as built like the postcard to the left. The background on the postcard is off, as the Chandler Building, while a bit to the East of most of Downtown's buildings, has never stood alone like this card would suggest. The building is still open and appears to be doing quite well today . It was also used for many years as the Social Security Offices, before they moved out to Woodlawn.

..Chandler Building Baltimore
Chandler Building Baltimore
Chanlder Building Baltimore
Baltimore's Candler Building

Calvert Building


The Calvert Building, SE corner of St. Paul and Fayette Streets. Built, 1900, to a design of Sperry, York and Sawyer, it was restored after the 1904 fire but later razed in 1971.

Calvert Building Baltimore

Clifton Hall
Druid Hill Avenue
   A building with quite a history from what I understand, an old meeting hall. These days, it sits sadly neglected and boarded up, but it still stands !

.Clifton Hall Baltimore

Baltimore City Circuit Court House
Still in use
     Recently, there have been complaints about the Circuit Court Building in downtown Baltimore City. It was renovated on the inside a few years back, but the air quality inside has been said to be poor. For now though, there is no talk about replacing the structure, which to this day, along with the " old post office" across the street, continue to serve as Baltimore's Circuit Courthouses.
.Baltimore Circuit Court Building

Baltimore's Courthouse Building

.Baltimore old post office Circuit Court Building
  Then known as the " new post office " above right , the main post office later moved to Fayette Street near I-83. Baltimore City converted this old building into Courthouse East, which it is still used as to this day.
.Photo  - Courtesy of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Collection at the Baltimore Museum of Industry
..Baltimore Circuit Court House

Baltimore's City Hall
Still in Use

.Baltimore City Hall Building
.baltimore City Halll

Baltimore's City Hall

,Baltimore's City Hall
              City Hall Baltimore

City Pier  Fell's Point Baltimore
Still standing !

fIf you remember the Television show " Homicide ", this was the building of which you were to believe was the Police Headquarters.  There is still a Baltimore Police door decal on the front doors from the filming days. However, the building has never been used as a police building except perhaps for a police boat to dock at, and has always been listed as the Recreation Pier. At the foot of Broadway, parking in this area is tough, but the old building is still in nice condition ( on the outside ) , although I've heard rumors the foundation may have some issues.  Currently being converted into a Hotel.

                Pier Baltimore


Civic Center
Liberty and Fayette Streets

 Opened in the early 1960's.  In 1964, there were two performances at the Civic Center by the Beatles. There's more on the Civic Center on Kilduff's Sports Page. The building is actually built on the site of the " old Congress Hall", which held a place in history regarding the Country  back in 1776. While it's not used for all of these events, when it opened, promoters were presenting all types of uses for the building, including : auto shows, basketball games, circuses, dances,  motion pictures, xylophone recitals and zebra shows.
( I have no idea where they got the last two, but they are listed in the program for the opening of the Civic Center. ) The building is still used quite often, but every few years,  talk comes up for replacing it .

Baltimore Civic Center 1963
. .................................................

Continental Trust Building

    The Mercantile Trust Building was at One South Calvert Street in Baltimore. It was build in 1901 as the Continental Trust Building. Daniel H. Burnham & Co. were the architects. The building was at the hottest point of the 1904 fire and totally consumed. However, the steel frame survived, allowing the existing structure to be rebuilt. By the year 2000 the building was known as One Calvert Plaza. Burham had been the major architect of the "White City" during the Columbian Exhibition in Chicago in 1892. He later designed the Union Station in Washington, DC.

.Continental Tust Building Baltimore

Fidelity & Deposit Co.

If you look carefully at the facade of this building, you can see the outline of the older Fidelity & Deposit  Building. The " newer " building was built around the old building.

.Fidelity Deposit Building Baltimore

Fifth Regiment Armory ( and Convention Hall  )
West Hoffman & Howard St.
Still in use.
 This neat old building was used for years for the traveling Circus shows , car shows, etc. The roof caught fire years ago, and has since been replaced with a flat one, but the building stands to this day and looks to be in great condition. The Fifth Regiment Armory was built on the site of the old Bolton Estate.





..Fifth Regiment Armory

Flatiron Building
Circa 1914
    II believe this building was located around Key Highway, with this picture being circa 1919. Not quite sure the history of the building, or if it stands today, but found it in an old book but thought it was neat.

Flatiron Building, Baltimore
Photo  - Courtesy of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Collection at the Baltimore Museum of Industry

Garrett Building

..Baltimore Garrett Building ..
Garrett Building, Baltimore Maryland Circa 1914

Greyhound Bus Station
Part of  Maryland Historical Society Complex


..Greyhound Bus Station ..............

..Greyhound Bus Station

.Greyhound Bus Station Baltimore
Image courtesty of the 1967 Western High School Yearbook.

Hansa Haus
Charles Street and Redwood Street
 Converted a bit over the years, this building is still standing to this day.

.Hansa Haus ,
.Photo  - Courtesy of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Collection at the Baltimore Museum of Industry -.Picture Circa 1914

Hazazer's Hall

111 West Franklin Street

Had been one of the City's oldest dance halls. Known also as the Maryland Dancing Academy. Also had been used as a Catholic orphanage. Razed in the mid 1920's, for the building of the new Pratt Library Central Branch. 

.Hazazers Hall Baltimore......... ................

Industrial Building
Greenmount Avenue and Preston Street
Apartment Building

,,,,,,,,,,This building was built as a complex of various businesses being put into the same building, sharing resources and commonly being known back in the 1920's as the " beehive building " , for all the activity the various small businesses had within the building. Over the years, the building was converted into housing and still stands to this day.
..........Photo  - Courtesy of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Collection at the Baltimore Museum of Industry


IOOF Building Hall
Druid Hill Avenue 

When I first saw this building, I thought it was a old bank. Later, I found out it was an old IOOF Meeting hall, but that's all I know about it so far. I have yet to find it mentioned in a book or directory.

                Hall Baltimore            

IOOF Building Druid Hill Baltimore 2008

Keyser Building
Keyser Building Baltimore

Lake Clifton
2801 St Lo Drive , Clifton Park

..Lake Clifton value House Baltimore

.Lkae Clifton Pump House Baltimore

Lake Montebello Pump House

                Montebello PumpHouse Postcard Baltimore
..Lake Montebello Pump House
              Montebello Pump House 2006

Malvern Gas Holder
West Cold Spring Lane At I-83
This giant gray tank was actually the Malvern gas holder tank, constructed by BG&E to store gas at times of low usage. There was another tank next to Eastpoint Mall that was torn down a few years back. BG&E gave the tank the name Malvern , to identify it's location. Torn down in 2013 .
Thanks to Joe for the Info!

.Malvern gas Tank Baltimore

Maryland Casualty
711 West 40th Street

The old insurance building seen below was converted in the 1970's to a retail shopping mall. The Maryland Casualty building seen on the right was the Tower Building and a description can be found under the title Tower Building.

.Md casuality 40th Street ..............

/Rotunda md casuality
//Md Casuality topwer Buildiing

asonic Temple

Baltimore's masonic Temple

Merchants Terminal Building
   This towering old cold storage warehouse was recently torn down and currently the lot is vacant. During the demolition, you could see the construction of the walls and how well the building was put together. I believe the building went up in 1928 , was 11 stories high, and closed for use in 1989.  The outer walls of the building were lined in cork.

........................... .

Monumental Life Building

This builing still stands on the northeast corner of North Charles Street and Chase Street. Rumors are a nearby University is planning to purchase the building....
..Baltimore Monumental Life Building
Photo  -
Courtesy of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Collection at the Baltimore Museum of Industry

Motor Vehicle Building
Guilford and 22nd Street
       Baltimore's Motor Vehicle branch has just recently moved out of the Mondawmin Mall to the Hilltop Shopping Center on Reisterstown Road at Rogers Avenue. Before being located at Mondawmin Mall, the MVA was located on Guilford Avenue at 22nd Street. The building still stands and is still used by the State.
.Motor vehicles Building baltimore 1920
Photo  - Courtesy of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Collection at the Baltimore Museum of Industry

...Baltimore Motor Vehicles Building 2005

Mutual Benefit Society of Baltimore  Building
407 West Franklin Street

   A few years back, I spotted the postcard below on EBAY, and wondered if the building had survived after all these years. To my surprise, not only had it survived, but it had changed very little over all the years.


                Beneifit Society Building Baltimore

.Mutual Bebefit Society Building Baltimore

Munsey Building

A photo of Mead, McKim, and White's 1913 Munsey Building at the southeast corner of Calvert and Fayette streets. It was redeveloped into residential use in the late 1990's, and is still standing to this day ..

.Baltimore Muinsey Building ...........................

News American Building
( Razed )

The old News American Building survived into the 1980's on Pratt Street. The block was razed for the building of a new hotel.

News American Building Baltimore Harbor

Oliver Street Water Treatment Complex
Corner of Oliver Street and Wolfe Street

..Oliver Street Water Planr Baltimore

                Street Water Plant
          There is much written about Baltimore's water system, but for some reason I can't find a thing about an interesting group of buildings located on the southwest corner of Wolfe and Oliver Streets in East Baltimore.  The complex appears to still be used by the City, and was built in the late 1890's, but that's about all I know of it so far.  The buildings appear in poor condition, with many of the roofs beginning to fall in.
     On of the buildings in the complex in better days can be seen below......


Polish Hall

Fairhaven and Filbert Streets
South Baltimore
Apparently a old meeting hall, the Polish Hall appears to have been getting little use these days. See Kilduff's page for old Firehouses for more information on this building.

              Baltimore's Polish Hall 2006 .................

Post Offices
The City's first post office was built in the 1750's, a very small wood frame building on Front Street ( Below  ) , near the location of today's main post office, and was razed many many years ago !

Baltimore's First Post Office

Above, Baltimore's first Post Office.
Below,  two images are the old post office, built 1890's - razed 1930's.
Second row of  images are the new old post office, built 1930's - closed 1970's
( Now used by City Circuit Courts ) .
Third row of images are the old Post Office garage , on Preston Street , and the last is  our current Main Post Office, located on Fayette Street , built in the early 1970's.


Baltimore's Old Post Office

.Old Post Office Baltimore

.New old post Offcie Baltimore Calvert Street

.Baltimore Main Post offcie Calvert and Fayette

This stone tablet had been in the side of the old Baltimore Post Office for years, and when the building was torn down, it was moved to Druid Hill Park.

.Post Office Shoip Building Preston Street 1934
The old Post Office repair garage, a odd shaped building on East Preston Street.
Photo  - Courtesy of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Collection at the Baltimore Museum of Industry

..ew Post Office Baltimore Fayette Street

Riverside Power Generating Plant

Photo  -
Courtesy of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Collection at the Baltimore Museum of Industry


Roland Park Water Tower
Roland Avenue and University Parkway.
The landmark for Roland Park, it has been vacant but in good condition for years.

  oland Park Water Tower

Below, Baltimore's "other " water tower, just off of Garrison Avenue in Northwest Baltimore City, which is not in such good condition these days. 
.Water Tower Baltimore

.Baltimore Water Tower
.Water Tower South Baltimore.
South Baltimore's water "tower".

Scottish Rite Memorial

North Charles Street & 39th Street

.Scottish Rite Building Baltimore

Shot Tower
801 East Fayette Street

 Opened in 1828 , as the Phoenix Shot Tower.There were actually three such shot towers in Baltimore, one which I believe had been on Gay Street, and the other still a mystery. It stands 234 feet high, is made of over a million bricks, was built from the inside, and was used until 1892.It sat abandoned for years and there was even talk about tearing it down, but it was saved. There are believed to be several  other old shot towers somewhere around the Country still standing as well ( On one survey, I found shot towers still standing in Philadelphia , <the Sparks, perhaps the oldest>, Wythe County Virginia < Jackson Ferry Shot Tower >, Dubuque Iowa,  Iowa County Wisconsin and King's Mill Ohio < Peter's Shot Tower > . There are also several around the world, in England, Germany and Australia) . Baltimore's Shot Tower has also gone under the name of the Merchants Shot Tower and Baltimore Shot Tower. 

Baltimore Shot Tower

.Baltimore's Shot tower .....Baltimore's Shot Tower ....................
Shot Tower Baltimore .....................Shot
              Tower Baltimore
. ....................................................Baltimore's shot tower ...................

Standard Oil Building

St Paul Street, just south of Centre Street

   Nice old building, since converted into apartments.

..Standard Oil Building Baltimore

State Office Complex
Howard Street near Preston Street

      Below are the plans of the State Office Complex, designed in the 1950's . The final buildings weren't far from what was planned, but additions over the years have made the complex a bit larger, and there are plans to make it bigger in the future as well.

State Office Compex 1954 Baltimore

St Mary's Seminary
              Mary's Seminary Baltimore

Sun Building

Charles and Baltimore Streets
First building ( below ) burned down in the 1904 Baltimore Fire.
Second building ( right and below right ) razed in the 1960's for Charles Center.
Present building - Far below , currently standing ( on the site of the old Calvert Street train station on Calvert Street , just south of Centre Street .
.........Baltimore Sun Building
.Baltimore Sun Building ......................

Baltimore Sun Building
..Baltimore Sun Building, 1950

Tickner Building

Pennsylvania Avenue @ North Avenue
 ( Northwest Corner )

An old funeral home, the building is used by several small businesses and offices on the upper floors.

..Tickner Building Baltimore

Tower Building
Baltimore Street At Guilford Avenue ( Northwest Corner )
     Below, the Tower Building going up on East Baltimore Street, around 1910. The grand old building would last until the 1980's, when it was torn down.
In my mind, the Tower Building was perhaps the most attractive building in the Baltimore skyline.
.Baltimore's Tower Building

..Baltimore Tower Building
..Baltimore's Tower Building

..Baltimore's Tower Building
.Baltimore Tower Building

    AA 1980's look at the Tower Building , during "deconstruction" . There was a lot of talk about the fate of the clock back then, but I'm not quite sure what ever happened to it.

   .../////////////////////////////.....  Looking out over the City skyline, one can clearly see the Tower Building.

Trailways Bus Station
West Fayette Street


.............Trailways Bus Station ad

............Trailways Bus Station Downtown Baltimore City

Union Bus Terminal

Liberty and Redwood Streets

It appears that the Civic Center was built right on top of the intersection. That sports arena, now known as the First Mariner Sports Arena appears to be getting ready for change, as talks are in the works of replacing or rebuilding the old Civic Center. No signs of the old Union Bus Terminal exist to this day.

    According to one older city guide, the terminal was the first of it's kind in the East, containing a large waiting room , ticket office, lunch and soda counter. Bus lines that you could find here included :
Washington Motor Coach Company - to DC.
Red Star Line - Philadelphia and Newark Delaware.
People's Rapid Transit Company - Philadelphia, New York, Atlantic City , and Glasgow Delaware.
Blue Ridge Transportation Company - Frederick, Hagerstown, Cumberland, Western Maryland, with points served in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia as well.
Conaway Motor Lines - Westminster, Taneytown, and Emmittsburg.
McMahon Transportation Company - Hanover, Pa.
Lake Shore Line - Glen Burnie, Gibson Island.
Palace Coach Lines - New York, Valley Forge Pa.
Gibson Island Club Coach - Gibson Island.
Gray Line - Sightseeing and Tours.

.Union Bus Terminal Ad .............................

Union Trust Building

Baltimore And St Paul Streets

              Trust Building Baltimore

USF&G Building

..USF&G Building Baltimore 1914

W.B.&A . Terminal
Liberty Street south of Lexington Street

.WB&A Baltimore

Walters Art Gallery
..Walthers Art Gallery Baltimoere

Water Street Garage
.Water Street Parking Baltimore 1927

Westerogle Building
Westerogle building Baltimore

.Baltimore's Westerogle Building Druid Hill avenue

Westport Power Plant
Recently razed.

.Westport Power Plant , Baltimore
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