Beck Diagnostic Center
St. Paul and 24th Street

  I've found references to Beck's with addresses listed in both the 2400 and 2500 block of St Paul Streets. The building is still there, although now used as offices, and is at the corner of 23th and St Paul Street. Current photo to the below right .

.Becks Baltimore  
 Postcard view

              2006 Baltimore

Bon Secours Hospital
2025 West Fayette Street
A West Baltimore Hospital located at Fayette and Pulaski Streets. The hospital is still open and operating with numerous additions to the complex made over the years.

Bon Secours - Circa 1908
.Bon Secours Hospital, Baltimore
Photo  - Courtesy of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Collection at the Baltimore Museum of Industry

......................................................................................... Picture above dates back to the 1920's.

Children's Hospital
Greenspring Avenue, at Keyworth Avenue
  ( south of Cold Spring Lane.  )
      The old Children's Hospital building is very much intact on Greenspring Avenue , with the addition of newer buildings on the site as well, and is still operated as Children's Hospital.

.Children's Hospital, Baltimore
.Children's Hospital, Grrenspring Avenue, Baltimore

Church Home and Hospital
Broadway & Fayette Street
Several years ago, Church Home and Hospital closed it's doors for good. The original building is still standing, as seen in these old postcards and is used as a senior home.
Church Home , altimore
.Church Home and Hospital, Broadway, Baltimore
.Church Home < Baltimore Postcard views......Church Home
              and Hospital Baltimore

Baltimore City Hospitals
Eastern Avenue , just east of I-895
City Hospital is still open and operating , now  under the Johns Hopkins Health System, and under the name of Bayview Hospital. There has been plenty of development on the grounds, although some of the older more interesting buildings are still standing and being used as well.

.Baltimore City Hospital, Eastern Avenue, Baltimore
....................................Photo  - Courtesy of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Collection at the Baltimore Museum of Industry

.Baltimore City Hospital
              City Hospitals

Franklin Square Hospital
110 North Calhoun Street  
        Many years back, Franklin Square Hospital closed it's West Baltimore Building and opened a new Hospital in Baltimore County, near Essex.There is no trace of the old hospital today, which has since been replaced by a public school building.
Franklin Sq
                Hospital, Baltimore Maryland

..Franklin Square Hosptial , Baltimore
              Square 1953

Johns Hopkins Hospital
600 North Broadway
    One of Baltimore's biggest employers ( if not the largest ) , Hopkins Hospital is one of the world's finest hospitals. These old postcards show the complex in the early years. The Hospital has grown quite a bit over the years, and continues to this day to expand. To the right and below are several old postcards of the Hopkins Complex, which has changed a lot over the years. Picture below is circa 1902.
The name of the Hospital and University is Johns Hopkins and not John Hopkins.
Two of the postcards have typos listing it as John Hopkins, Opps ! Another added a ' to John's, which is still not correct.
              Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore Maryland

                Hopkins Hospital, Broadway, Baltimore
.Jonhs Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

.Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore
              Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore
.Johns Hopkins Hospital, aerial old view Baltimore

..Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

.Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

.Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

                Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore Maryland

.Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

Loch Raven VA Hospital
Loch Raven Blvd and The Alameda
   There was a  older complex had was recently torn down and the current hospital built on that site. The pictures seen here are of that older building complex.

....VA Hospital, Baltimore Maryland Loch Raven

.VA Hospital, altimore

Maryland General Hospital
Madison Avenue and Linden Avenue

    Maryland General is still open and operating to this day. The hospital has expanded over the years, and the old Richmond Market on Howard Street was  incorporated into it's design when the hospital bought the old market and used the building as part of the hospital, instead of tearing the old market down.
.Maryland General 192 ...
Baltimore's Maryland General Hospital - Circa 1902
.Maryland General Hospital, Baltimore Madison and
              Linden Avenues

..Md Maryland General Hospital, Baltimore

.Maryland gen Hospital, Baltimore
.Baltimore Medical College , Baltimore General
              Hospital, Baltimore Maryland

Marine Hospital    - U.S. Public Health
3100 Wyman Park Drive

    The old Marine Hospital , also known as the U.S. Public Health Hospital sits to the Southwest of the Homewood Campus of The Johns Hopkins University, on Wyman Park Drive. It is currently a part of the Johns Hopkins Health system.
.Marine Hospital, Baltimore
              Hospital, Baltimore
              Hospital, Wyman Park Drive, Baltimore

..Marine Hospital,Wyman Park Drive, Baltimore

Mercy Hospital
Calvert Street at Saratoga Street
  Mercy Hospital has been the "downtown hospital" for years, although Maryland General, University of Maryland , and Hopkins are only blocks away . Mercy  was built on the site of Baltimore's " North Fountain ". one of Baltimore's  natural springs, which were popular with getting water way back in the day.
              Hospital, Baltimore
              Hospital, Baltimore
              Hospital , Baltimore Calvert Street

...Mercy Hospital, Baltimore
              Hospital, Baltimore
                Paul Street , Preston Gardens, Mercy Hospital,
    Above - Looking North on St Paul Street , you can see the old Mercy Hospital , just across the street from the Preston Gardens Project. Below -  Years later, now looking south, the newer Mercy Tower can be seen. Mercy has continued to built on the location since this postcard photo was taken back in the 1970's.
.Preston Gardens, Mercy Hospital, Baltimore

Roland Park Veterans Hospital

   I'm not quite sure where this is located , but I have my suspicions. A World War I era veterans hospital postcard.
Roland Park Veterans Hospital, Baltimore

Sinai Hospital - Hebrew Hospital
AKA - Mt Pleasant Hospital - Belvedere and Greenspring
Old address - Monument Street & Rutland Avenue
currently - Greenspring Avenue and Northern Parkway .

      For as long as I can remember, Sinai Hospital has been in it's current location , on Northern Parkway at Greenspring Avenue, in Northwest Baltimore City. Nothing of the old hospital on Monument Street exists today. The last two postcards are of the new complex.
.Sinai Hospital , Baltimore

.Jewish Hospital, Baltimore
.Sinai Hospital, Baltimore
Sinai Hospital , Baltimore
.Sinai Hospital, Baltimore

South Baltimore General
1213 Light Street

    South Baltimore General Hospital was located for years at 1213 Light Street in South Baltimore. In the 1960's, the hospital moved to what was known as Broening Park, just off of Hanover Street, south of the Hanover Street Bridge. The Hanover Street building is open and active to this day. Below is a picture of the old Hospital on Light Street  , currently a senior home.
South Baltimore, Baltimore

..South Baltimore General

St Agnes Hospital
aka - Jenkins Memorial Hospital - 1000 South Caton Avenue
Wilkens Avenue @ Caton Avenue

.Baltimore's St Agnes Hospital - Circa 1902 .

 St Agnes Hospital continues to operate in Southwest Baltimore, on the corner of Wilkens Avenue and Caton Avenue. There has been a lot of redevelopment over the years of the hospitals, and I'm not sure if anything remains of the old building, seen in this postcard , or not.
              Agnes Hospital Baltimore
              Agnes Hospital, Baltimore

St Joseph Hospital
1400 North Caroline Street

St Joseph's Hospital moved out to Towson Maryland, just off of York Road many years ago.Pictures below are of the old building, on Caroline, between Hoffman and Oliver, which was razed years ago to build a school.
              Joseph's Hospital, Baltimore North Caroline Street
                    Jospeh Hospital, Baltimore
              Joseph's Hospital, Baltimore
.St Joseph Hospital < Baltimore Maryland

.St Joseph Hospital, Baltimore North Caroline

Sydenham Hospital

AKA - Chronic Disease Hospital
AKA -  Montebello State Hospital

Herring Run & Harford Road

Just north of Lake Montebello and south of Morgan State University. The old hospital is used for a variety of purposes,  although this section appears vacant .
.Sydenham Hospital , Baltimore

Union Dispensary

 Old postcard view of the Union Dispensary.
.Union Dispensary , Baltimore ..................

The Union Memorial Hospital
33rd & Calvert Streets

   Union Memorial Hospital has grown quite a bit, and continues to sit on the corner of 33rd and Calvert Street. The old Hospital building still stands and is still used, although the main entrance is currently in the rear of the building, on University Parkway. The hospital remains to this day the primary hospital for Northern Baltimore City and surrounding areas.

.Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore Maryland

.Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore

.Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore ,,,

..Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore

.Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore

Union Memorial Hospital , Calvert Street , Baltimore

West Baltimore General Hospital
Dukeland & Rayner Avenues
AKA - Lutheran Hospital - 730 Ashburton


The old hospital complex sits abandoned has recently been boarded up . There was a more recent addition to the East which was recently razed, and some of the building to the Northwest was also torn down.
                    Baltimore general hospital, Baltimore

..West Baltimore Geberal Hospital, Baltimore
Provident West Baltimore Hospital, Baltimore
.West Baltimore
              general Hospital, Baltimore

Women's Hospital
Lafayette and John Avenue
 (AKA ) The Hospital for Women
..Women's Hospital, Baltimore
.Woman's Hospital, Baltimore
Postcard views
.Women's Hospital, Baltimore
                      Towson, Baltimore aryland
GBMC - Greater Baltimore Medical Center
North Charles Street  in Towson.
  A modern hospital just North of the City, as seen in this 1970's era postcard. Since that picture was taken, there has been all sorts of construction and the complex has grown quite large. From what I understand, GBMC has it's roots in the old Woman's Hospital .

University of Maryland Hospital - AKA University Hospital
....The University of Maryland  Hospital , covers the area around Greene Street and Lombard Street. The Hospital has been growing quite a bit over the years and has expanded over Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, and has started construction along West Baltimore Street .
University Hospital, Baltimore
..University of Maryland Hospital, Baltimore

..University of Maryand Hospital, Greene Street ,
                Baltimore Maryland
..Univeristy Hospital, Baltimore Maryland
.University of Maryland Hospital, Baltimore
Hospitals we are still researching :

Baltimore Eastern Dispensary - 130 East Baltimore Street  - found in directory. Nothing exist of  the building anymore, that I canf find.
Doctor's Hospital - 2724 North Charles Street  - still there, but closed in the 1990's as a hospital. Appears to be a retirement home.
Kernan Hospital -  Windsor Mill Rd -  Still there.
Lincoln Memorial - 27 North Carey Street  - Does anything exist of this hospital, found listed in several directories ?
Provident Hospital - 1514 Division Street
Southern Home and Hospital - 2520 Greenmount