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This is NOT intended as a history of Baltimore's Synagogues, but simply a look at a few of the older Synagogues in Baltimore City. Spellings are from the Baltimore City Street Directories, which it appears did not always get them right.

Old Synagogues can be found all over Baltimore City, marking the progress of Jewish neighborhoods throughout the City. A heavy concentration of the old buildings can be found in East Baltimore, around the East Baltimore Street and Broadway area, as well as along Park Heights Avenue,  and into Northwest Baltimore City. Surprising , Southwest Baltimore City also has several old Synagogues located on streets tucked back in some of the neighborhoods. 

Adas Israel Amshea Sofhed Synagogue
2112 East Baltimore Street

1928 to the mid 1950's , after which apparently closed.

Adath Israel

2025 East Baltimore Street

   West Baltimore City has plenty of old Synagogues, but Southeast Baltimore City has quite a Hebrew History as well. There were several old Synagogues located on East Baltimore Street, such as the Adath Israel Synagogue seen here. The building was used from 1920 to the late 1940's. The congregation had used earlier addresses at 43 North Caroline Street , and 1725 East Baltimore Street.

..East Baltimore Street Synagogue Adath Israel

Adath Jesuron  - Adath Yeshurun 
127 South Exeter Street

Had been at 106 Albemarle Street, moved here in 1933. In 1949, moved to 4651 Pimlico Road until the late 1960's. Has since moved to the County.

Appears to have been razed.

Agudas Achim Nasah Ari
132  S Caroline Street @ Pratt Street
Began around 1916 from this location.  By 1950, had moved out to Quantico Avenue in Northwest Baltimore City, which closed by the late 1960's.
Appears to have been razed.

Ahavas Sholom
118 - 26 South Poppleton Street
A recent check of the address listed on South Poppleton Street  found only an empty lot at this location. Had been made out of a former church , opening about 1916 and closing in the early 1960's. Moved to 1119 West Baltimore Street, where it finally closed for good a few years later.

Aitz Chajim
15 South Eden Street
 earlier address - 16-18 North Exeter
Later 15-21 North Exeter Street
By the mid 1950's , it had merged and was closed. 

Appears to have been razed.

Anshei Bobruisk Congregation
148-50  North High Street
Moved here in 1920. Had earlier addresses of 1104 East Pratt Street , and 211 Aisquith Street . By late 1930's, merged and moved out to 2620 Quantico Avenue, in Northwest Baltimore City.

Appears to have been razed.

Anshei Emunan
513 South Hanover @ Welcome Alley

Opened in the old Saint Stephen's P.E. Church in 1891. Closed by the mid 1950's - merged.
Appears to have been razed.

Anshei Koulah
114 North Exeter Street

Appears to have been razed.

Anshei Sfard Congregation
( Directory )
Anshei Sphard
Aisquith @ Fayette
(Later listed as 4 North Broadway )

   The photo shown is not the Aisquith Address, which appears to have been razed.  The Congregation later moved to a address at 4 North Broadway, which is seen in this photo.

.North Broadway Synagogue Anshei Sfard

Anshei Kovna Synagogue
100 Jackson Place

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Adath Bnei Isreal Congregation

1709 East Baltimore Street

      A rowhouse with a marble entranceway marks the Adath Bnei Isreal Congregation building at 1709 East Baltimore Street . It appears to be a church today . From what I can find, it was used from 1940 to the 1960's at this address, earlier addresses being 114 Aisquith Street, 1736 East Baltimore Street, 1210 East Baltimore Street, 22 North Broadway, and 4 North Broadway.

.Synagogue Adath Bnei Israel

Beth Homedrosh Hagodale ( Directory )
Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol Agudas Achim

125 Aisquith Street

The above address appears to have been an address used for only a year in the mid- 1930's . Other addresses were 2240-230- South High Street , from 1899-1935, and later at 2041 East Baltimore Street, from 1936 to the late 1960's.
Appears to have been razed.

Beth Issac ( Directory )
Beth Isaac Congregation

4003 Cottage Avenue

 Address used from mid 1920's to the late 1940's. Before this address, the location was 2703 Springhill Avenue, and after the 1940's, 2621 Oswego Avenue. Closed by the mid 1960's.

Beth Issac Congregation

2620 Quantico Avenue

Beth Issac sits off of the 2600 block of Quantico Avenue at such an angle , that it makes it hard to get a good photo of the older building. The building is currently used as a church.

/Beth Issac Congregation Baltimore

Beth Jacob
114 North Exeter Street

Appears to have been razed.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Beth Jacob Ashea Veshaiet
114 North High Street

Appears to have been razed.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Beth Jacob Synagogue of Highlandtown
407 South Highland Avenue

This address was used from the 1930's to the 1960's. Before that, it appears the address was 1927 to 1930, at 3724-6 Eastern Avenue. Apparently the Highland Avenue addess has been razed. 
Appears to have been razed.

Beth Tifloh
3200 Garrison Blvd
Opened in 1922, and served until the mid 1960's, when moved to Baltimore County.

Beth Yehuda Congregation
3911 Garrison Blvd.
Opened in 1933 at  3820 Garrison Boulevard, moved to 3911 Garrison Avenue by 1934. Same address for the
Beth Yehuda-Anshe Congregation who built a new building on the same site. By the late 1960's, the Congregation had moved to Baltimore County .

Bihur Cholon ( Directory )
Bikur Cholim Congregation
137 North High Street
Addresses shown are : 113 North Gay Street , 1860's, 112-116 North Exeter Street  1860's-70's, 207 North High Street 1870's to 1910's, and 135-9 North High Street 1912 to the late 1930's. After the late 1930's, no listing could be found. 

Appears to have been razed.

B' nai Israel
27-35 Lloyd Street @ Lombard Street

Lloyd Street in Southeast Baltimore City is currently undergoing a lot of changes, which accounts for several of the old Synagogue Buildings on Exeter Street , Ann Street and streets in the area having been razed over the years. The Lloyd Street Synagogues are in very nice condition and are quite a surprise when you pull off of industrial Lombard Street to see the old Synagogues. Earlier addresses include  221 North Gay Street ( 1873-79) and 112-116 North Exeter Street ( 1879-1895 ) when Lloyd Street address was used.
Lloyd Street
                Synagogue B'Nai Israel

B' nai Jacob

2008 Christian Street

This was the third address used by the Congregation. The first was 743 (543 ) West Baltimore Street , then 630 West Baltimore Street. By 1908, the Christian Street Address was listed and used until the early 1960's , at which time they moved out to Baltimore County . The Christian Street address is currently a church.
Christian Street Synagogue B'Nai Jacob

Chesuk Amuno Synagogue
2007 Linden Avenue

Pending - Appears to be a rowhouse at location .
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Chevra Mishna Brith Sholom
3 South Ann Street

Apparently short lived, in the mid 1930's.
Appears to have been razed.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Chizuk Amuno Congregation

2501 - 07  Eutaw Place

IIn the 1870's , opened at 16-18 North Exeter Street, moving to 27-35 Lloyd Street by 1876, and to 1501-05 McCulloh in  1895. By 1922, moved to this address, which closed by the mid 1970's, moving out to the County.
.2501 Eutaw Place Synagogue Chizuk Amuno

..Corner stone

Chofetz Chaim Congregation ( Directory )
2101 Presbury Street
West Baltimore City

Located away from any other Synagogues, street guides listed the Chofetz Chalm Congregation at the address of 2101 Presbury Street, in West Baltimore. That address today is a row house, but just to the East of that address is this building, in the 2000 block of Presbury Street, which I believe is actually the old Synagogue. Services were held at  2130 West North Ave in the mid 1930's, 2001 Presbury from the mid 1930's to late 1940's. By 1950, had moved to 3702 West Rogers Avenue, and 5900 Park Heights by the 1990's.

.Presbury Street Synagogue Chofetz Chaim

Chumri Hadas Synagogue
1725 East Baltimore Street

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Congregation Ahava Achim

427 South Pulaski Street
Southwest Baltimore City

 I'm not sure of the current use of the Congregation Ahava Achim Synagogue building at 427 South Pulaski Street, but the building does appear to be in good condition.Used from mid 1930's and later moved.
Synagogue Pulaski Street Ahava Achim

Congregation Ahavath Israel ( of Waverly )
2342 Barclay Street
North Baltimore City

Appears to have operated from the late 1920's to late 1960's
  - Appears to be a rowhouse at location .

Congregation  Anshei Nizen Synagogue
16-18 North Exeter Street

 Appears to have been razed.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Congregation Beth Issac
4003 Cottage Avenue

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Congregation Bnai Ruvain
3905 Cottage Avenue
Northwest Baltimore City

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Congregation Mikro Kodesch
19 - 21 South High Street

Appears to have been razed.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Congregation Mishcan Shlomish ( Directory )
B'Nai Abraham Congregation
2115 Brookdale Avenue
From the 1940's ( early ) , to the late 1950's. The building, a rowhouse, appears to still be standing.

Congregation Magei Abraham Synagogue
202 South Bond Street

Appears to have been razed.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Congregation Moses Montfiore Amunas Israel
533 South Smallwood Street
Southwest Baltimore City

Congregation Shomrel Mishmeres
11 Lloyd Street
Southeast Baltimore City

                Street Synagogue Shomrel Mishmeres

Congregation Tiferath Israel
3216 Garrison Blvd
Northwest Baltimore City


Eutaw Place Temple
1307 Eutaw Place

  One of Northwest Baltimore's older Synagogues, the domes can be seen for blocks. Back in the early 1900's, as the area was being developed, several Synagogues opened up in the area.  The Eutaw Place Synagogue appears to be in excellent condition and the Bolton Hill neighborhood around the Synagogue has been very well kept up over the years.

 (Check out Kilduffs page on Monuments for information on the Francis Scott Key Monument seen in front )

                  Synagogue ...............Eutaw Synagogue

Eutaw Place Synagogue Dome
.Eutaw Place Synagogue

Har Sinai Temple ( Reformed )
Bolton @ Wilson Street

Started in mid 1840's at 148-50 North High Street. By 1870's, address was 652-660 West Lexington Street, and moving to 1627 Bolton Street in the late 1890's, closing by the late 1950's. By 1960, moved to 6300 Park Heights Avenue.

Har Zion
2014 West North Avenue

Opened in 1922. Closed by the mid 1950's.

Keser Torah Congregation
4000 Park Heights Avenue
Mid 1940's to late 1960's, in a converted church .

Lubawitz Nusach Ari Synagogue
 ( Directory )

2620 Quantico Avenue
Northwest Baltimore City
Early  1930's to late 1960's

Madison Avenue Synagogue
1901 Madison Avenue

West Baltimore City

Out of all the old Synagogues in Baltimore City, this one has to be the toughest to get a good photo of. It sits on a block of Madison that is cut off of everything else, and the sun never seems to sit in the right position to get a good photo of the front. This photo shows the roof line of the Synagogue over several nearby houses in the area. 1890 to 1951.

..Madison Avenue Synagogue

Mishkan Israel
2245 Madison Aveue
West Baltimore City

      This is a tough building to photograph, and you have to make sure you see it in the afternoon, when the front lights up. Morning shots of the building would just never come up right, and this  Synagogue is in the middle of a block of residential buildings, which  makes it tough to find. 1920 - early 1960's. Services had been held at 2119 Madison, 2022 McCulloh Street , 2310 Madison, 2124-6 Madison.
Madison Avenue Synagogue Mishkan Israel

Moses Monteferio Amunas Israel
533 South Smallwood Street
Southwest Baltimore City

 In Southwest Baltimore City, just off of Wilkens Avenue, I would always pass this building and wondered for years what it was.  The unusual front of the Moses Montefiore Synagogue on Smallwood Street as well as the nearby Congregation Ahava Achim Synagogue  on nearby Pulaski Street , stands out from  the rather dull two story row houses that populate the area. Used from 1894 to early 1960's, before this address, 2048 Wilkens Avenue.

Synagogue Smallwood Street Moses Monteferio Amuna

Northwest Congregation
2514 Madison Avenue
West Baltimore City

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Oheb Shalom
Eutaw @ Lanvale
West Baltimore City

Oheb Jacob
613 Aisquith Street
East Baltimore City

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Ohr Kneseth Israel Congregation
776 West Franklin Street
West Baltimore City
1894 to early 1950's.
 This location is currently a section of a highway.

Pethacj Tikuak

Petach Tikvah Congregation
5103 Denmore Avenue
Northwest Baltimore City

     Part of the Pethacj Tikuak Synagogue complex , but the actual Synagogue building might have actually been across the street from this building, on the odd side of the street .Opened in 1921 , and was used to the 1950's, the building shown was built in 1950 and used until 1971.
.Pethacj Tikuak

Rodsei Zedek ( Directory )
Rodfe Tzedek Congregation

6-8 West Hill Street  @ Hanover
South Baltimore

Often known as the Hill Street Congregation, opened around 1890 and closed about 1967.

Shaareil Tfiloh
2001 Liberty Heights Avenue

also listed as Auchentroly and Holmes

You can't miss this beautiful old Synagogue on Liberty Heights Avenue, just across from the Baltimore Zoo. The building appears to be in excellent condition although I'm not sure of it's present use. 1921 to present, although from what I understand is only used occasionally.
..Liberty Heights Synagogues Shaareil Tfiloh
..Liberty Hgts Synagogue Baltimore

Shaarel Zion Congregation

3459 Park Heights Avenue
Northwest Baltimore City

   One of several old attractive Synagogues on Lower Park Heights Avenue, since converted for use as a church. Opened in 1926 , after first having services at 2451 Park Heights from 1920 to 1926. By 1950's, had moved to the 6600 block of Park Heights Avenue

              Heights Avenue Synagogue Shaarel Zion

Sharon Israel Synagogue
2105 - 7 McCulloh Street
West Baltimore

This is a beautiful old building, located on McCulloh Street , just south of North Avenue. I've driven by this address for years and never noticed it until I was looking for it, as it sits just off of the roadway.

.McCulloh Street Synagogue Sharon Israel

.McCulloh Street Synagogue Sharon Israel

Shearith Israel
5813 Park Heights Avenue
Northwest Baltimore City

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Shomre Mishmeres
11 Lloyd Street
Southeast Baltimore City

See - Congregation Shomrel Mishmeresove  =

Tafareth Israel

1703 North Smallwood Street
West Baltimore

Tafareth Israel Synagogue is listed as 1703 North Smallwood Street, and in a group of rowhomes at the address, is a small church that might have once housed the Tafareth Israel Synagogue.
.Tafareth Israel

Tifereth Israel
3216 Garrison Blvd.
Northwest Baltimore City
Late 1940's to late 1960's.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Tsemach Zadek
( Directory )
Tzemach Tzedek- Shomrei
2120 East Fairmount Avenue
East Baltimore

There are actually two old Synagogues listed for the 2100 block of East Fairmount Avenue. 2120 , seen in the photo on the right, is the old Tsemach Zadek Synagogue, currently being used as a church.
 I was unable to find any other Synagogues in the block.

.Tsemach Zadek Baltimore

Walbrook Anshev Sholem Congregation
Also Seen Listed as
Anshe Sholom Congregation of Walbrook
1902 Poplar Grove
West Baltimore City

References for the Walbrook Anshev Sholem Congregation  ( also Anshey Sholom ) show an address of 1902 Poplar Grove, which would currently include this building just north of North Avenue. There are no other buildings anywhere in the block that resemble a synagogue, but I'm not completely sure this is the building I'm looking for.It opened in 1924 , but by the mid 1950's, it seemed to have closed.
Walbrook Anshev
              Sholem Baltimore
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 Comments are always welcome !

Excellent Reading source ; Synagogues, Temples and Congregations of Maryland 1830-1990 by Earl Pruce.